Interview with Closing Artists: Cristina Pitter and Dan Veskler, Ariana Seigel, & Charles Quittner

Come check out all the artists featured here and more at the closing night party of the Fresh Ground Pepper Festival on Saturday April 21st.

What are you most excited about in bringing your work to the FGP Festival?

CPDV: We’re most excited to work with each other for the first time! There is a definite thrill of collaborating our skill sets and being able to share that with others.

AS: Getting weird AF with a bunch of other creative weirdos

CQ: I've wanted to work with FGP 5ever. Medea is my favorite story ever and I'm over the moon I have a chance to try out some storytelling ideas with this fab community.

Send us an image that describes or represents your artistic process

Who are some of your art heroes?


AS: Rupaul, David Bowie, Dolly, Prince

CQ: The first 10 off the top of my lil head... Rebecca Sugar! César Alvarez! JD Raenbeau! Amber Gray! St. Vincent! Chris of Hur! Erin Markey! Janelle Monae! Sam Chanse! Donald Glover!

Oh no, your process is showing! What's your artistic process guilty pleasure? Or what's the thing you do that you don't want to tell us?

CPDV: No gulity pleasures but rather the giving in to being beautiful messes while also finding what our process is. He paces, I sit. My inarticulate ramblings of feelings to capture or evoke with text while he plays his tracks that inspire. Lots of laughter and then contemplation. Hot Cafe Bustelo, black with a cube of ice. Grounds at the bottom of the cup to read our fortunes. Records playing, hard copy materials to peruse, water in owl glasses. Experiments in soundscapes to weave together with text.

AS: Smoke weed while rhinestoning. Practicing my tassel twirling when nobody is home.

CQ: I just love providing space and delicious snack for the coolest cats to just work it out. Full trust! Also drag race archetypes are maybe helpful?

What other events in the FGP Festival are you really pumped to check out?

CPDV: Super pumped to see as many as we can! K-A-A-R-O-N is definitely at the forefront because anything with nicHi douglass is superb.

CQ: The Parade Ground has a dreamy cast with a dreamy director. K-A-A-R-O-N looks fancy! I wanna go to everything plz.

Where can we read more about you, your process, and chances to see your work!

Cristina Pitter - instagram @lavidabrujeria because why would I have a website?

Dan Veksler - instagram @otherworldtours

Ariana Siegel - @anna_shevitz (insta)

@cquitty on Instagram,

Come check out these Artists at the Festival Closing party on Saturday 4/21!


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