Interview with Closing Artists: Darian Dauchan and Amanda Duarte

Host Amanda and live a DJ set from Darian will be keep us going as we close out the last night of the festival. Come check out all the artists at the closing night party of the Fresh Ground Pepper Festival on Saturday April 21st.

What are you most excited about in bringing your work to the FGP Festival?

DD: Honestly, just trying some stuff out in a low risk environment. I just did a show with extreme high risks(The Brobot Johnson Experience) so it's good to get a break from those type of stakes for a change.

AD: Well, I am hosting the closing night party, so I'm sure I'll be bringing a lot of jokes about my vagina and my period, because I am a female comedian and that is all we talk about.

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Who are some of your art heroes?

DD: At the moment I'd say Kendrick Lamar. I think he's taking the art of the Hip Hop performance to new levels. It's definitely inspiring and has motivated me as a Hip Hop artist to continue to step my game up. Shout outs to Basquiat, Esperanza Spalding, Reggie Watts, and Dread Scott.

AD: Jenny Holzer, Elaine Stritch, Amy Sedaris, Bridget Everett, Grace Jones, Pat McGrath, Laurie Metcalf, Nina Simone

Oh no, your process is showing! What's your artistic process guilty pleasure? Or what's the thing you do that you don't want to tell us?

DD: Turning off all the lights and jamming with my loopstation in the middle of the night. Just making grooves, and a lot of off beat, wacky, Napoleon Dynamite-esque dancing. It's cathartic, and hey, you could be doing a lot worse things in the dark if you know what I mean.

AD: A delightful cocktail of Prozac, sativa and yohimbe really quiets my voices and pulls the words out of my fingers.

What other events in the FGP Festival are you really pumped to check out?

DD: I got check out K-A-A-R-O-N as I'm all about that robot life.

AD: Very into the Daytime Work Space- left to my own devices I will frequently waste valuable writing time watching youtube videos and chatting with equally procrastinative writer friends, so a little analog accountability does me a lot of good.

Where can we read more about you, your process, and chances to see your work!

DD: and

AD: You can catch my Drag Race recaps every Friday morning in the New York Times, you can see my monthly variety show Dead Darlings every second Wednesday at Judson Memorial Church at 8, and you can bore yourself to death by following me on Twitter at @duarteamanda and Instagram at @agitatedinxenon.

Come check out these Artists at the Festival Closing party on Saturday 4/21!


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