Interview with FGP Opening Party Artists: Nick Kocher, Emily Oliveira, and Joe Castle Baker

Nick Kocher will be hosting FGP's opening festival party on April 10th, featuring Artists Emily Oliveira, Joe Castle Baker and more!

What are you most excited about in bringing your work to the FGP Festival?

NK: Getting to meet a bunch of folks all doing exciting new work!

EO: I am excited to debut my drag king persona, Dick Van Dick!

JB: I always relish the opportunity to cause a ruckus ;)

-Send us an image that describes or represents your artistic process (bonus points for a gif)

Who are some of your art heroes?

NK: John Cleese, Spike Jonze, Sally Wainwright, Charlie Brooker, Laia Costa

EO: Nao Bustamante, Dynasty Handbag, Missy Elliott, Cher, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Jonathan Richman, Joyce J. Scott

JB: Miranda July, Nathan Fielder, Ina Garten.

Oh no, your process is showing! What's your artistic process guilty pleasure? Or what's the thing you do that you don't want to tell us?

NK: Listening to insanely commercial pop music is, for some reason, to me, insanely inspiring.

EO: I watch *a lot* of The L Word. I also take breaks while I'm writing to listen to the criminally underrated 2013 Cher album 'Closer to the Truth'

JB: Oh God. The ONE thing? My process is mostly guilt and a pinch of pleasure. The pleasure comes when I am done with the work. Oh, and I also watch a LOT of YouTube videos--the weird shit that few people watch...

What other events in the FGP Festival are you really pumped to check out?

NK: The Playground Playgroup!

EO: Deliver: Letters to the Motherland from a Foreign Body (Liz Morgan is a genius with a wicked sense of humor) and Late Night and Political Party curated by two of my favorite performers Lorelei Ramirez and Jenny Gorelick, respectively.

JB: I'm super pumped to see Lorelei Ramirez host the two late night parties. She's truly a brilliant comedic genius, and everything she does is a revelation. (Also excited to see Andrew Neisler ACT in K-A-A-R-O-N.)

Where can we read more about you, your process, and chances to see your work! (website? social media handles?)

NK: Twitter/Instagram: @nickkocher and you can watch a bunch of short silly videos I’ve made at

EO: Instagram @djdessertpizza , I'm currently putting together a website and it will be at:

JB: You can read a bit about me and see my upcoming shows at my website or you can check me out on twitter/instagram @joecastlebaker. Or show up at my apartment in the middle of the night!

Come check out the opening festival party on April 10th


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