Interview with New Producers Lab's J. Mehr Kaur and Political Party Host Nicole Spiezio

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Come out to see a crazy night of performances inspired by our democratic process, Political Party on April 14th

What are you most excited about in bringing your work to the FGP Festival?

JMK: As a producer, I love the idea of championing new artistic partnerships – it’s one of the most thrilling pieces of curating the FGP Political Party. We've been able to bring together a group of fantastic artists from different backgrounds and crafted a playful structure in which they will get to engage each other and present something singular that they wouldn’t have been able to create without one another.

NS: I'm excited for a night revolving around politics that doesn't make me want to weep for 1,000 years.

Send us an image that describes or represents your artistic process (bonus points for a gif)

Who are some of your art heroes?

JMK: I'm really influenced by music. Right now I’m listening to the Swet Shop Boys, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, Arooj Aftab and Lauryn Hill (always). I also recently fell in love with Hiro Murai’s music videos and just discovered desi pop artist Maria Qamar (“Hatecopy”) who creates these explosive, vibrant pieces depicting the experiences of first generation Indians living in the West.

NS: Miss Piggy, Lucille Ball, Valerie Cherish

What is a highlight of your process with FGP this past year?

JMK: It’s been wonderful to be welcomed into the FGP community, which is bursting with talent, passion and a sense of fearlessness for diving into the unknown. Dreaming up some crazy projects in a supportive, “anything-is-possible” atmosphere has definitely been a highlight.

Oh no, your process is showing! What's your artistic process guilty pleasure? Or what's the thing you do that you don't want to tell us? What delights you?

JMK: Shhhh I’m a coffee fiend. Challenges that seem impossible to solve, audience participation, balloon-drops & Kanye West.

NS: My guilty pleasure is convincing my co-artists that we should go get dinner instead of rehearsing. All The Real Housewives (but mostly New York)

What other artists or events in the FGP Festival are you pumped to check out?

NS: The reading of Jacob Marx Rice's play The Tragical Historie of Maximilien Robespierre because I'm in it THANK YOUUUUUUU V MUCHHHHH

Where can we read more about you, your process, and chances to see your work!

@nicolespiezio on Instagram & Twitter & just like friend me on facebook or whatever

Come out to Political Party on April 14th


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